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Mental Health

Awareness Month

If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services and treatment options that may help.


Welcome to DC Recovery Community Alliance

Sustaining Recovery in the Nation's Capital

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Who We Are

The DC Recovery Community Alliance (DCRCA) is an organization of people in long-term recovery, their friends, and their families, committed to victory over the stigma and suffering caused by alcohol,  substance use disorders (including opioids), and mental health challenges, in Washington, DC.  We believe in the vital roles of science, faith, and personal practice in this effort.  We educate, advocate, celebrate, and serve to advance and sustain recovery for the entire community.


What We do

DCRCA provides support for people seeking wellness and recovery from the effects of substance use and/or mental health challenges in a safe and affirming environment.  Individuals come together in their communities, receive one-to-one peer support, obtain information and life skills helpful to their individual path to wellness and recovery, and make a difference in the lives of others in recovery.
DCRCA is sensitive to the differences among ethnic, racial, and linguistic groups and has understanding and awareness of how people’s cultural backgrounds, beliefs, traditions, socioeconomic status, history, and other factors affect their needs and how they respond to services generally used to describe interventions or practices.  Nearly all of DCRCA’s recovery support services (RSS) providers are in long-term recovery.  Our coaches are in continuous training to increase their knowledge base and share recovery life experiences and best practices


* Outreach

* Community Orientations

(Introduction to DCRCA)

* Recovery Support Evaluations for Individual Clients

(Develop Individual Recovery Plans)

* Care Coordination Services

(Referral to Appropriate Community Services)

* Individual/Group Coaching & Mentoring for Clients

*Life Skills, Social Activities & Spiritual Support

*Education, Employment & Housing Support Services for Clients

* Community Workshops

(Timely Topics)

Recovery Support Services

Healthy Long-Term Recovery

Resource Referrals

Compassionate Support

Community Partnerships

Engagement & Outreach


Who We Serve

 Adults  (18+) with Substance Use Disorder

(Including Opioids)

Confidential and Comprehensive Recovery Support Services



Mental Health Challenges

Healthy Recovery

Families & Communities


Loved ones In Crisis

Responsible Care


We Need Your Support

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Our work relies on the generosity of people like you. Every donation, big or small, enables us to give hope to individuals who desire a new way of life in the District of Columbia. Help us light the way and know that your contribution will make a difference. Your donation, together with that of our other supporters helps bring us one step closer to our goal.




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